Top 10 Trendy Female Suit Styles for Any Occasion

Whether it’s the first day on a new job, a class reunion, or a meeting with an investor, there’s nothing like a perfectly tailored trouser suit for a boost of confidence. This year’s trendy female suit styles feature flattering colors, excited prints and patterns, oversized blazers, and comfortable pants. 

If you’ve gotten used to working from home in sweats and T-shirts, don’t worry. Elevated fabrics and looser silhouettes provide all the comfort you crave (and deserve), but with all the polish you need to navigate the professional world.

A great suit really is a wardrobe investment. Each piece can be worn separately. You can pair stylish suit pants with a lux cashmere sweater or a casual tee, and a feminine blazer is a perfect layer for a light summer dress or to top your favorite pair of skinny jeans. No matter how you wear it, a suit is a statement piece with a lot to say.

Trouser suits women love range from colorful and creative to the seriously buttoned-down look even the most conservative firm will approve of. Choosing from all the classy, stylish women’s suits available might be the most challenging part of upgrading your wardrobe. 

Elsywalker’s stylists are always here to help, but this article will discuss some of the must-have suit options to consider including in your wardrobe this year.

10 Trendy Suit Styles for Any Occasion 

Suits on women used to be considered shocking. In fact, at one point in U.S. history, it was even illegal for a woman to wear a suit. Considering their popularity in current culture, it’s hard to believe they were once reserved for men only. 
Trendy female suit styles are powerful and pretty. Today the suit is a fashion staple that knows no gender. Suits symbolize confidence for women, just as they are for men. Women’s suits belong in the boardroom, at social events, and anywhere else you want to wear them. 
Like all fashion trends, you’ll get the most wear from a suit if you carefully consider styling and accessory choices. One suit can take on many looks by changing up the top and shoes, making for a highly versatile wardrobe addition.

1. The Classic Black Power Suit

The classic black suit is elegant and sleek. It also makes for a powerful look with a hint of edge. Not to mention, every woman looks great in black. If classic black has a downside, it can give off a somber feel if you’re not careful. Remember that while black has a reputation for having slimming effects, black clothes must fit properly to do their job. Whether you’re going for something form-fitting or trendy and oversized, ensure the fit is on-point. 

To keep from appearing too somber, include touches of texture in your black suiting. The pinstripes in this Balenciaga Hourglass Pinstripe Blazer are a great example. They add a small detail of interest without distracting from the flattering cut of the jacket.

Pair the jacket with the matching pinstripe pants, or blaze your fashion trail with these chic Balenciaga flowy pants. The elastic waistband proves that comfort and professional style can be friends.

2. Pretty in Pastels

If you’re saving that pastel suit for Easter, you’re missing dozens of opportunities to look fabulous throughout the year. The secret to making a pastel suit women’s outfit like this light blue Alex Perry Aldrich Pant and matching blazer work is by keeping accessories minimal but bold. Slip on a graphic tee to keep the look fun, or keep it office-friendly and monochromatic with a simple shell blouse in the same color family.

You can’t go wrong with embracing the femininity of a women’s coloured suit in pink, mint, or powder blue. Choose a silk blouse with exaggerated ruffles, or get artsy with this Roksanda Ecata Top.

There’s no reason pastel colors can’t also look strong. Choose geometric accessories and flat loafers if you prefer a summery look without being wispy.

3. Bold Patterns

A bold patterned women’s suit isn’t for everyone, especially head-to-toe patterns, but you don’t have to be intimidated by patterns if you know the inside tips to styling them. 

Start with a color scheme you’re already comfortable with, such as black and white. For extra interest, add a neutral blouse in a third color or stick with one of the core colors if you feel unsure. If bold is your thing — you did choose a bold-patterned suit after all — find a complementary print in the same color scheme. For example, if your suit is black and white plaid, a black and white striped blouse could work. 

Also, consider mixing textured basics with a patterned suit. Cable knit and houndstooth are a classic pair. 

Once you get the hang of patterned suits, you’ll flip for this Rosie Assoulin 50 50 Plaid Blazer and matching wide-leg pants in pastel shades. When wearing a bold design like this one, keep accessories simple but proportionate. Dainty details will get lost amidst so much gorgeous color and pattern.

4. Sophisticated Shorts Suit

Don’t worry if your workplace isn’t shorts-friendly. Elegant women’s suits are for more than office wear. A sophisticated shorts suit is great for hot summer days and warm summer nights. Wear one for lunch with the girls, a date, or a casual business meeting. Pack a shorts suit for your next trip. It can bridge the gap from casual day wear to an evening on the town. 

As with most outfits, accessories make all the difference. Don a great pair of tennis shoes and a slouchy bag with your shorts suit, and you’re ready for any kind of daytime fun. You can pair the same suit with a button-down menswear shirt, a stylish leather bag, and a serious pair of heels for an executive-on-the-go look.

5. Bedazzled Suits

A bedazzled trouser suit may not fit into every workplace, but life is more than work. A flashy, sequined jacket like this Manon Short Coat from The Attico works for almost every special occasion, from brunches to cocktail parties. 

The trick to wearing a statement piece like a bedazzled suit is to keep things simple, including hair and makeup. Keeping your overall look effortlessly chic will also help you maintain a youthful style. 

Tone down the other elements of your outfit when rocking a heavily sequined look. A simple silk blouse and shiny silver hoop earrings let the dazzle do all the heavy lifting. 

6. Clean White Suit

A crisp white suit may be the most versatile outfit in your closet. Nothing dresses up or down more effortlessly than white. If you like bold colors, pair your whites with this sunshine yellow top from Gabriela Hearst, or keep it white-on-white with a Cotton Poplin Shirt from Jil Sander. 

You can wear white, elegant women's suits to summer parties, evenings out, or to the office. Change the look with flats or heels, blouses or tees, and do incorporate touches of floral or other patterns to keep the outfit from looking too sterile. 

If you love accessorizing, a white suit is vital. Add personal style with scarves, bangles, pins, and eye-popping earrings (just not all at once), and don’t forget a pair of fantastic shoes. 

7. Traditional Menswear Suit

Whether it’s a subtle masculine houndstooth or a three-piece pinstripe, there’s something undeniably on-point about traditional menswear. This Loewe Houndstooth Blazer is one of the most versatile suit jackets you can have in your closet. Pair it with a feminine silk blouse or a tough black T-shirt to match your mood.

There’s no need to stick with neutral colors when wearing menswear-inspired clothing. A splash of pink or turquoise adds a personal flair that can make an outfit your own. Depending on the occasion, choose your highest heels or a pair of shiny flats to complete your menswear look. 

Use the slightly oversized fit of menswear-inspired suiting to your style advantage or have your pieces tailored for an impeccable fit, but don’t settle for halfway in-between. A poorly fitted menswear jacket may make you look like you’re wearing your dad’s clothes.

8. Leather Suit

There’s nothing wrong with looking tough, but if you’ve avoided wearing a suit because you never considered yourself a suit woman or were worried about looking more masculine than you wanted — welcome to the wonderful world of feminine but edgy lux leather. Transform your style while feeling unstoppable in this season's hottest trend.

Everyone can wear leather. It is as universal as denim. There’s no age limit, body size, or style that won’t look great in a leather jacket. 
Leather can give you the right amount of edge and bridge the gap between a cool rebel and a responsible professional. The soft buttery texture of leather draws the eye without lots of patterns and accessories. 

For a conservative look appropriate for work, pare down your accessories and focus on streamlined wide-leg pants and a gorgeous double-breasted jacket like this polished leather piece in cognac from Zeynep Arcay.

9. Animal Print Suit

An animal print suit is a unique look. Showing a little skin is one of the best tips for pulling off such a bold style. Push up the jacket sleeves or wear capri pants for a peek of ankle. An open but not-too-daring neckline also works. Little patches of bare skin help to break up the strong patterns and keep you from looking like too much of a good thing.

Select a core color from the print for accessories that complement without clashing. If you’re up for a splash of color, go all the way. This ribbed tank from Re/Done is an excellent example of saturated color that will stand up against the detailed patterns of animal print. 

10. Oversized Suit

If you’re an ‘80s baby, you will be glad to know that oversized suits are back in style. Did they ever really go out of fashion? Unlike the sometimes sloppy fit with exaggerated shoulder pads of days gone by, modern oversized clothing provides a balance that keeps you in proportion.

It’s easy to get swallowed up in an oversized suit. A cinched belt or skinny pants paired with an oversized jacket creates more interest and highlights feminine features without sacrificing the oversized aesthetic. You can also try the opposite — oversized pants with a form-fitting top and cropped jacket. 

How to Style a Women’s Fashion Suit

Styling can make any piece of clothing look and feel like it was made just for you. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to accessorizing trendy female suit styles, but the following tips will help you make your outfit stand out in all the best ways.
  • Pair a boxy jacket with cigarette pants for a look that blurs gender lines
  • Wear skinny jeans with your favorite suit coat for a day-to-night look
  • Sneakers and a graphic tee can make almost any suit look more casual and trendy
  • Wear a crop top, or no top at all, under a jacket for a bold party look
  • Keep it classic with pumps and subtle jewelry
  • Pair knee-high boots with a long-line short suit to extend its seasonal appeal

The essential thing in styling a women’s fashion suit is to keep the proportions correct for your body. Don’t let fashion trends lure you into buying items that won’t make it past one season. Avoid colors that wash you out and shapes that don’t make you feel fabulous. 

With so many different styles, there’s no need to settle for anything less than a suit that makes you feel 100% as extraordinary as you are.

Find Trendy Female Suit Styles at Elysewalker

Finding a women’s fashion suit (or two) that suits your lifestyle isn’t difficult. Stick with colors and patterns you love, and pay special attention to proportion and silhouette for the best look. With so many shapes, colors, materials, and trends, you can find a suit for every occasion or every day. 
Ready to explore the latest designer clothes for women? Shop for classy, elegant women’s suits and more at Elysewalker.