Wide-Leg Pants Outfits: Creative Styling Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Statement

Wide-leg pants have been a popular trend for years, whether it’s the bell bottoms of the ‘70s or the JNCO jeans of the ‘90s. 

Although many of these outfits have become distant memories, different iterations of the style seem to emerge almost every decade. 

Wide-leg pants are typically fitted at the waist with a gradual flare from the hips to the ankles. Many credit Coco Chanel for this iconic wardrobe addition. It began as an adaptation of pajama trousers, which she loved wearing. These were slowly transformed into what became known as palazzo pants in the ‘20s.

Black and white images from the time show women donning these pants with mock turtlenecks and pearls, sleeveless or short-sleeved tops, or cropped jackets. Each was undoubtedly chosen with great care to create perfect wide-pants outfits.

It’s an example you can follow today when wearing any wide-leg pants outfit. Creating a classic look is easy based on how you style your wide-leg pants. Whether it’s a ‘90s grunge or a more sophisticated, chic look for a night out, wide-leg pants are extremely versatile. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tops to Pair with Wide-Leg Pants for an Iconic Look 

Wide-leg pants are comfortable and suitable for any body type. They’re steadily replacing the characteristically casual “go-to” sweats as they offer a more tailored option. It’s not surprising they have become a staple in many closets. Clinching this old but new look starts with choosing the right tops to wear with wide-leg pants

You can create the perfect look with the following top selections: 

With Slim-Fit Top

It’s not hard to learn how to style wide-leg pants. Balance is important as even well-tailored wide-leg pants can create a voluminous, shapeless look depending on the top you pair them with. A slim-fit top can provide a more contoured look. 

Make a statement with a bralette under a long-sleeved lace, sheer, slim-fit top, or a sheer mesh top. Pair this with chunky accessories for a flair of fun. 

If you’d like to opt for a more conservative look, a ribbed, slim-fit cardigan or turtleneck can also create a contoured silhouette. Add gold or silver studs with a matching necklace for a day at the office.

When the weather is warmer, you can have a summer-ready look with a simple tank top fitted into tailored, belted, wide-leg pants. Beaded earrings and a necklace can complete this outfit.

With Crop Top

A crop top can also create balance when paired with wide-leg pants. It’s perfect with belted, high-waisted wide-leg pants that pool at the ankle. Whether it’s a cropped turtle neck, vest, or tube top, these are fantastic options to complete a more casual wide-leg pants outfit. Cropped tops with puffed sleeves can provide an airy summer feel.

You can choose a cropped style that hits your waistband or higher based on how much you dare to bare. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. You can also wear your crop top on its own or cover it up with a cardigan or jacket. Layering gives you greater flexibility and comfort. Consider your mood and destination when deciding your look. 

With Over-Sized Jacket

When considering what to wear with wide-leg pants, an oversized jacket may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Although wide-leg pants have an exaggerated cut, this pairing works surprisingly well. Your inner piece determines if you wear it to work or for a night out.

A vest or shirt tucked into belted wide-leg pants and heels is a classy look for any business meeting. However, you might want to consider swapping this out with a bralette for a night out on the town.

Leather jackets also add a nice touch when paired with wide-leg jeans in a more casual setting. 

With Casual Blouse

Pairing your wiwide-legants with a simple blouse allows you to wear it just about anywhere. You can wear a traditional button-down blouse to work, or an oversized version buttoned low and slightly off the shoulder as a more daring look for an evening out.

You can add layers over your casual blouse to add more dimension to your look. Or simply stick to the classic white button-down shirt. Consider leaving it unbuttoned to reveal a cropped vest below. Either way, a white top allows you to experiment with bold prints like stripes and alternative materials like vegan leather. 

With Basic Cami

Camisoles, although once considered a lingerie item, quickly transitioned from the bedroom to the boardroom. Traditionally lace or silk, it’s now a fashion essential women pair with wrap dresses or jackets. They’re easily worn with wide-leg pants as well. 

Choose a cropped, loose camisole with a scoop neckline, depending on the occasion. Or opt for a longer one that can be worn tucked in or out of your wide-leg pants.

With a Sweater

The climate where you are will determine if a sweater with wide-leg pants is an appropriate choice for you. If the temperature suits this style, consider a lightweight, fitted sweater for a more casual look.

Something heavier or oversized might be more practical. Consider pushing the sleeves up below the elbow to minimize the bulky look with your wide-leg pants.

You can also layer a button-down white shirt with a cropped sweater. Have it extend beyond the sweater while revealing the cuffs below its sleeves to create a more preppy look.

Shoes to Wear with Wide-Leg Pants Outfit 

Shoes can make an outfit stand out while adding to the look you want to convey. You can complete a classy look with heels or a more casual one with sandals or sneakers. Your footwear can be as varied as the tops you choose to style your wide-leg pant outfits with. 

Classic Sneakers

Gone are the days when sneakers were solely worn for exercise. This change has also heralded a range of sneaker designs that can go well with any outfit. They also provide added comfort when you’re on the go.

When worn with wide-leg pants, chunky sneakers such as Nike’s Air Force 1 platforms or the Chloe Nama sneaker can add a classy finish to any casual look. A baseball cap with Converse sneakers can also turn this into a more sporty ensemble.

Combat Boots

Once an essential piece of military gear, combat boots have become a fashion statement marching their way into the wardrobes of trendsetters worldwide. It’s still functional, sturdy, and ideal for winter weather. However, wearing these or any other boot style can add the final touch to any wide-leg pants, particularly denim and cargo designs. 

Simple Heels

Heels, even simple ones, give you poise and posture that can enhance your presence when you walk into a room. They naturally elevate any outfit, and wide-leg pants are no exception. 

The added lift allows wide-leg pants to fall seamlessly around you and may even make you seem taller. They can also give a casual outfit a more formal feel.

Slip-On Flats

When considering how to wear wide-leg pants, a relaxed look is a great place to start. The top and shoes you choose will determine this. Slip-on flats are easy and comfortable and can even be dressy, depending on their design.


If you’re looking for a compromise between flats and a simple pair of heels, wedges may be the answer. They elevate as well as heels but provide the comfort of flats, despite having a heel. 

Wedges can add character to any outfit, including wide-leg pants. Depending on their length, they can reveal the heel and toe of your wedges. This provides the perfect opportunity to add an exciting pattern or pop of color to complete your outfit.

Wide-Leg Pants: The New Closet Staple

If you’re still uncertain how to wear wide-leg pants,  go with what’s comfortable and makes you feel good. Feel free to try some of the outfit ideas mentioned in this article or create your own look. The choice is entirely up to you! 

A wide-leg pants outfit is versatile because you can choose the material, cut, and length that suits you best. Chances are, you’ll find one or more that will become your new closet staple.

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