Women’s Blazer Outfits: An Expert's Guide to Style These Versatile Wardrobe Essentials

Blazers level up any ensemble. Of course, they are a go-to essential for work. But if you restrict your blazer wear to business casual, you are missing out on a world of style possibilities. That’s why we’ve created this guide for what to wear with a blazer: female edition.

10 Stylish Women’s Blazer Outfits

Ready to expand your use of this wardrobe staple? These 10 women’s blazer outfits feature a variety of different styles.

1. Fitted and Classic

A blazer that fits your body perfectly unleashes inner confidence like nothing else. Well-structured with a fitted waistline to accentuate your shape means that you will radiate boss energy no matter what you wear with it. For example, the shimmering silver Manon Blazer by Alex Perry has a universally flattering tailored look. Finished with cute button cuffs, a single-breasted button closure, two waist flap pockets, and peak lapels, it is the centerpiece of a polished look.

A classic fitted blazer has several options to complete the ensemble. Loose, wide-leg trousers balance the fitted top half for a business or work function. Whether chunky or stiletto, heels lengthen the leg, allowing voluminous trousers to show off their full potential and elevate the look.

2. Oversized and Effortless

On the other end of the spectrum, purposefully oversized blazers give cute “boyfriend jacket” vibes. Pair with thigh-high boots and a crop top for a stylish, youthful glow. An oversized blazer will hit the upper thigh to look purposeful yet effortless. It might feature one button or several; the same goes with pockets. Skinny sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and loafers round out this look with either wide-leg or fitted trousers.

The best female blazer styles to wear oversized are usually simple, so they do not overwhelm you with a pattern or print. For example, the Francoise Oversized Blazer by Nili Lotan in cotton-linen blend is a highly versatile wardrobe essential because ivory is easy to coordinate with other pieces, and its streamlined design keeps things simple and sophisticated. 

3. Casual with Shorts or Jeans

When pairing a blazer with jeans, women exude a casual, effortless authority. Similarly, to wear blazers in a casual, carefree way, pair them with shorts. Either combination is perfect if your day includes casual outings and a nice dinner out. A blazer is a quick way to dress up any ensemble. 

While black is always polished and professional, making colorful or printed blazers casual is easier. For example, the cute Oh Baby Blazer by Rosie Assoulin even has a midriff for a playful, flirty vibe. It flares out from the single button at chest level in bright yellow. It is one of those highly versatile blazers that can be worn as a top. Its cropped sleeves make it easy to flaunt bracelets. High, mid-rise, and low-waisted shorts or jeans pair well with this blazer. 

4. Single-Button

In putting together a blazer outfit, women’s styles include different configurations of buttons. But for now, let’s get into the single-button blazer. It may be worn buttoned or unbuttoned. The single button may rest anywhere, from the chest, middle, or toward the bottom of the jacket. 

A dropped single-button blazer will have a deep V, like the Elodie Blazer from Oud, which has a draped shawl collar. These blazers often hang longer, creating a chic silhouette with an oversized piece. Or the button may reside at the top of the chest, like in the Oh Baby Blazer by Rosie Assoulin, as mentioned above. A center button, like in the Peak Lapel Jacket from Rosetta Getty, has a lot of flexibility for styling, like pairing with mini designer dresses

5. Double-Breasted

Like the single-buttoned blazer, wear the double-breasted blazer buttoned or unbuttoned. This iconic look may be reminiscent of the 1980s, but it is right at home in the modern age. Keep it buttoned for more fitted blazers, like the Landon Double Breasted Fitted Blazer by Alex Perry. For a boxy look, wear it unbuttoned like outerwear. But the deep V neckline of a double-breasted blazer balances out the boxiness, making you look polished. 

In deciding what to wear under a blazer, female options range from casual or formal. For a retro look in cooler weather, wear a fitted turtleneck underneath. In warmer weather, a silk camisole keeps things light. For work, opt for a collared button-down. And for a sexy evening look, who says you have to wear anything underneath?

6. Experiment with Textures

Experiment with textures like leather, sequins, or wool in your blazers. And to take it a step further, matching sets of blazers and trousers show purpose and power. And today, you do not need to work in the corporate world to pull this look off — pair Zeynep Arcay’s Wrap Leather Blazer with leather shorts or pants for going out.

Not a fan of leather? Zeynep Arcay’s Wrap Wool Blazer offers the exact tailored fit in wool. Or, shimmer away in the Soft Sequin Blazer from Rosetta Getty — its sheer back makes it perpetually party-ready!

7. Patterned 

Whether you pair them with solids or more patterns, patterned blazers add visual interest to an ensemble. Be extra bold with Rosie Assoulin’s 50 50 Plaid Blazer; one distinct plaid pattern in two different color schemes presents many colors to coordinate with. Or go with a more subtle, neutral pattern in Loewe’s Houndstooth Blazer

Not sure what to wear with blazers that feature patterns? It’s really down to personal preference. Solid, minimal, and neutral pieces are the obvious choice because they present no risk of clashing. But when done intentionally and not in a haphazard way, mixing patterns can steal the show.

8. Short-Sleeved Blazer

A short-sleeved blazer offers a light, casual feel to this traditionally formal jacket style. A classy blazer and jeans women’s outfit may include the Short Sleeve Pocket Blazer by Christopher Esber. That is one of the best blazers to wear as a top, featuring a chest pocket and a chest clasp. Its lightweight feel combined with the rich chocolate color makes it perfect to wear during a transitional time, whether that’s going from day to night or summer or autumn. 

You can pair a short-sleeved blazer with a tank, blouse, or camisole. A necklace that aligns with the plunging neckline polishes off this unique look.

9. Three-Piece Suit 

Any blazer with trousers and your vest of choice create a three-piece suit look. Typically, all elements of a three-piece suit come together, but those who love to mix and match can’t resist this opportunity to be bold and creative. 

For example, the black Diane Blazer by Nili Lotan invites this kind of experimentation. Whether you leave it unbuttoned or not, its plunging neckline will show off your vest or top. Try cigarette pants underneath this long, boxy blazer. 

10. Cropped 

The cropped blazer offers edgy yet casual everyday wearability. Switch out your cropped leather or denim jacket for a similarly structured aesthetic that works for all seasons. 

The pinstripes and sharp angles of the Clean Cropped Blazer by Frame command authority are brought down to earth with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The chest pocket and peak lapels present elegant detailing, while the cropped fit makes it casual. 

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